TerraLex Launches African Affiliate Program Expanding Global Reach

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TerraLex Launches African Affiliate Program Expanding Global Reach

The African region is the next frontier as a business location for many global companies. TerraLex is proud to announce a new initiative that provides coverage for clients with needs in emerging markets in Africa.

Select TerraLex Members maintain relationships with affiliated firms in Africa with whom they regularly work. TerraLex recently launched an African Member Affiliate Program to leverage these relationships by allowing existing TerraLex Members to represent jurisdictions where they have a close affiliated firm that they can engage and supervise. This oversight by TerraLex Members will provide a level of comfort and assurance for other Members and clients who need legal assistance in these African jurisdictions.

By building an efficient and effective affiliate network, we better demonstrate the power of TerraLex, including a collaborative approach to assist companies doing business in emerging markets in Africa.

Initially, three TerraLex firms will lead our efforts to expand coverage in Africa:

Cabinet Maître Cheikh Fall:

Fairbridges Wertheim Becker:

Vieira de Almeida Associados:

Information for referrals and collaboration in these jurisdictions is available on the TerraLex website by searching the jurisdiction. For more information or questions, contact Bob Groeneveld, Regional Vice Chair for Africa at bgroenvl@fairbridges.com.za or Terri Gavulic, Executive Director at tgavulic@terralex.org.


*TerraLex members may refer to the FAQs for TerraLex Africa Member Affiliate Program document found in the Membership Toolkit (must be logged in to view) for additional information.

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Friday, April 21, 2017
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