TerraLex Member Firms Release The 2017 Edition of The Pre-Merger Notification Manual

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TerraLex Member Firms Release The 2017 Edition of The Pre-Merger Notification Manual

This TerraLex Pre-Merger Notification Manual has been created to assist all TerraLex members in understanding the merger regimes of jurisdictions in which TerraLex members practice. It has been intentionally drafted with less formality, although not less accuracy, than a guide for general publication has. This is with the aim of providing more practical guidance than a more formal publication.


Perhaps of greatest utility, each of the contributors to the Handbook (60 jurisdictions this year) have agreed that they are, subject to conflict issues, willing to provide brief oral guidance to other TerraLex members, as to the likely application of their respective notification regimes to a proposed transaction, on a without-charge basis. Such advice must be both brief and oral, and not be in the nature of a formal opinion, but in the Editors’ experience, such quick advice on a particular fact pattern can be invaluable. It is often sufficient to determine, on an expedited basis, where merger filings are required.


This edition contains a short reference list that is intended to help sort out the countries where mandatory pre-merger notification duty might apply, even if the nexus to the relevant jurisdiction is low.


Finally, it goes without saying that this Handbook contains advice of a general nature, and is not a substitute for specific legal advice related to particular facts.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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