Chambers and Partners Ranks 131 TerraLex Member Firms in 38 Practice Areas

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Chambers and Partners Ranks 131 TerraLex Member Firms in 38 Practice Areas

TerraLex is honored to celebrate the high caliber of its Member Firms. Recognized for their credibility, diligence, and unfailing commitment to excellence, we are thrilled to share that Chambers and Partners has ranked 131 of our Member Firms in 38 different categories. With an overwhelming 85% of the network ranked, this marks an exceptional triumph for TerraLex. Ranking selection is based on outstanding achievement, excellence in practice area, and quality of client service. Both client input and the Chambers’ own research are considered for ranking placement in the Chambers Guide.


Recognized as the lead resource in-house counsel turns to in order to identify quality law firms and attorneys, Chambers and Partners has been ranking the best lawyers since 1990 and covers 185 jurisdictions. Their staff of full-time researchers prepares ‎renowned directories, which assess and rank the world’s leading lawyers according to their ‎reputations amongst peers and clients.

TerraLex proudly congratulates our outstanding Members on their latest achievement in their heralded fields. As business and needs grow globally, clients require access to an expanded support system. For more than 25 years TerraLex member firms have provided clients with trusted, quality legal service where it counts as a locally-focused, strategically-resourced, and expertly-vetted collaboration of problem solvers poised to resolve issues of all scopes.

Miami, FL 
Friday, August 18, 2017
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